Receive a Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat & More with the SMART Energy Plan!

Weather is the #1 driver of home energy use and responsible for up to 50% of your total usage. That’s why having the best weather data and patented algorithms are critical to saving you money and providing insights to make you more energy efficient and comfortable. TriEagle has partnered with Connected Savings to offer our SMART Energy customers tools to help you save and stay comfortable.  

Energy ScoreCard

Our ScoreCard tells you what’s driving your energy use and how you could reduce your energy bill! We start by analyzing last month’s weather, compare it to how much energy you used, where that energy went, and how your usage compares to similar homes in the same climate zone. You’ll also get actionable tips to help you reduce energy, save money, and increase comfort!

Thermostat Optimization

By comparing historical energy usage data from your Wi-Fi thermostat to our real-time weather data, Connected Savings determines how your property responds to specific weather conditions that impact your energy use. We then optimize the thermostat to be more energy efficient, helping you save money while keeping your comfort our number one priority. 

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