A brief description of the products available follows. Please contact your TriEagle sales representative for more details and pricing alternatives.


From 3 months to 3 years, our fixed prices give you budget certainty and shield you from market volatility or short-term fuel price fluctuations. And, because we value our customers, there are no hidden fees or extra charges. LOW RISK

RTE (Real-Time Energy)

An RTE product allows you to buy power at the real-time grid price for your specific zone. Historically cheaper than fixed, RTE is ideal as a bridge product between times of higher prices or for newer meters with limited usage history. MEDIUM RISK

Heat Rate

A heat rate product sets the conversion ratio from natural gas to power, allowing you to opportunistically lock in natural gas prices. This product is well-suited for customers who want to take an active role in their energy management. HIGHER RISK

Fusion (Blended)

TriEagle’s Fusion products combine the benefits of the various product options in the same manner as mutual funds spread risk across multiple financial instruments. Specifically for larger commercial and industrial customers, TriEagle Fusion products can be combined in different percentages to match your risk profile.

  • Fusion FV – combination of fixed and variable-rate pricing, in percentages, blocks, or shaped blocks
  • Fusion FHR – previously known as the TriEagle Partner Rate or FAR, this is a combination of fixed and heat rate components
  • Fusion HRV – combination of heat rate and variable-rate pricing, in percentages, blocks, or shaped blocks

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