Case Studies

Budget Certainty
Running a small chain of restaurants can be a stressful enterprise – everything from employees to menus can lead to variable costs over time. TriEagle was able to offer a 42-month fixed energy product to a restaurant owner looking to eliminate one stress factor: electricity costs. QUOTE: “Being in an industry where we succeed or fail by nickels and dimes, it was invaluable to us to be able to remove a major uncertainty factor on our budget for the next 3+ years."
Fundraising Opportunity for School Districts
$10 candy bars? $20 wrapping paper? How about a fundraising program that actually provides a product that people need? TriEagle has partnered with numerous school districts to provide fundraising opportunities for PTAs, athletic departments, and other student organizations. It’s a win-win-win situation, as the organization gets a donation, the customer gets a great energy rate, and TriEagle get a new customer. QUOTE: “Referrals are a great way to raise funds – it easy to use a web code, and there is no inventory tracking or money to collect”
Innovative Solutions for Oil & Gas
For almost ten years, TriEagle’s wholesale team has met with a large oil and gas customer to evaluate options for the upcoming purchasing period(s). On-site generation, block purchases, and heat rates have been blended together over the years to balance price and risk-tolerance. The result: a customized solution that has protected the oil and gas customer from adverse market conditions. QUOTE: “TriEagle has given us access to account, pricing, and wholesale energy managers at a level that we never experienced at any of the ‘household name’ providers.”
Small Companies get Big Savings
With energy deregulation, sometimes smaller customers are forgotten as energy providers compete for the largest commercial and industrial users. Almost 100 smaller Pennsylvania companies banded together to take advantage of buying power “en masse”. They selected TriEagle to become their electricity provider, and the aggregated load brought greater savings for the group. The 300+ meters were switched to TriEagle with no missed enrollment dates or invoices. QUOTE: “TriEagle has been fantastic to work with through the transition.”
Meter Flexibility for Industrial Portfolio
A commercial property management company with numerous locations needs the ability to add and delete meters from their account as they lease new spaces to commercial and industrial customers. Using a mix of fixed and real-time pricing, TriEagle was able to create a flexible and cost-effective solution. QUOTE: “Our TriEagle account manager has ‘held our hand’ as our energy needs have sometimes rapidly fluctuated over the last two years”
Total Energy Solution for Multi-Family
Empty units mean loss of revenues for apartment properties and waiting on move-in transactions was not an option for the management company of numerous multi-family properties in Texas. TriEagle worked closely with the management company to build a total solution for the common area meters, continuing service agreements (CSAs) and even a referral program for new incoming residents. QUOTE: “No matter the question concerning electricity at our property, it’s nice to have one number to call.”

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